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More calories for my kids

You cannot imagine how many times I have heard this question before: How could I add more calories to my child’s food? Millions!!!!!!!!. This is especially helpful for those that the intake is: Ehhh not too good. Don’t worry guys my 2 boys are in that group but it is only because I’m a Dietitian that’s all haha haha. Ok, here are my tips and I hope they help you:

OIL: every spoon of any oil = 120cal, regardless of what you choose. Therefore, I highly recommend picking the healthiest one such as olive, avocado, sunflower, walnut, and safflower. What I do is: add 1-2 spoon in every meal by the time you serve the meal ex: 1 spoon on top of the rice, or 1 spoon on top of the pasta, or 1 spoon on top of the soup, or 1 spoon on top of the meat, chicken, fish.

AVOCADO: it provides pretty much the same number of calories that the tip #1 but it is more versatile to be used for breakfast, on top of the toast ex. On the other hand, it could be used in smoothies or even for baked products. So many thumbs up for this fruits. Extra recipe: Avocado and almond milk smoothie

1 ripe medium banana peeled

1 ripe medium avocado peeled and pitted

1/2c kale

1c unsweetened vanilla almond milk

3/4c fresh pineapple juice

Blend it!

FRUITS: 1 portion of fruit = 15g of carbohydrates = 60cal. Honestly, when you make a smoothie, you put more than 1 portion, maybe 2. So, let’s come up with new ideas and make/add fruits to your smoothies.

ALMOND BUTTER: Mmmmm I love it! 2 tsp = 45cal. I make a chocolate smoothie for my kids and I add peanut butter, but more than 2 tsp. Here is the recipe: almond milk + peanut butter + chocolate vegan powder. That’s it!

SWEET POTATO WAFFLES: this sounds weird I know! I boil the sweet potato until it gets soft and then I smash it with oil or coconut butter, mmmmmm and then I add oats or almond flour. You can be creative and add cinnamon or pumpkin spice as well. Then, I pour into the waffle maker and voila!

PUDDINGS: mmmm I love this one! And there are so many healthy recipes out there! Try one of them and substitute simple sugar for fruits or nuts or both!. Pssst you can visit my Pinterest account so you will find pudding recipes

Ok, so now let’s do it!. Enjoy

Mercedes Benadivas RD/LDN


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